Rants and Raves

I have had the pleasure of serving people all over the world who have been an absolute honor to work with. It's especially important in healing and transformational work to be deeply aligned with your mentor or service provider. Learn more about others experiences so you know what to expect.


Brittany's reading was so amazing! She helped bring into view so many new doors of healing for me. She is the only psychic I will ever work with from now on! Very genuine and kind, while also very confidential. The best reading I've ever had!


I just had a great session with Brittany, I really appreciate her honesty and ability to connect with spirit. It was definitely helpful and supportive in understanding myself and my life more deeply. Thank you!


Brittany is amazing! She just oozes love, light and happiness! I have had several readings from her and taken some of her classes. I’m so grateful she has helped me on my spiritual journey. I highly recommend!


I am so grateful I took this course. Brittany is such a great teacher. I was provided with valuable information and I learned how to tap into my intuition which is not something I would have ever know how to do without this course. The course has provided me with more self confidence and I am so excited to continue to grow, with Brittany as my teacher.


It has catapulted me into a huge period of growth and expansion. Since the retreat my life has turned upside down, everything has been shaken up.. at first it was been difficult, I couldn’t understand. But now I couldn’t be more grateful. Knowing you and attending your retreat, has been the beginning of what I feel is a whole new fkng world. Thank you for what you do.


This mentorship/container was fantastic! with Brittany's help, I have been able to see past issues that needed to be released. Brittany made me think outside the box and see a lot of issues from a different standpoint that made life much simpler for me. She breathed life back into me...I Loved working with her!


Brittany is such a beautiful soul with incredible gifts. Her Intuition Development program helped me get further out of my head and the state of questioning that I was in. I deepened my connection to source and built a stronger sense of trust with myself and my intuition. It all opened up so naturally and organically. Thank you Brittany for holding a beautiful and empowering space!


If you find yourself needing guidance and want results, this is the course for you. It will give you a whole new perspective on your worth and the limitless, abundant possibilities that are within everyone's reach. This course is worth the investment in yourself and Brittany as your facilitator makes it even more of an investment. I recommend any class or service offered by her.


I had many breakthroughs throughout this course. The biggest one's came in my review sessions in a 1-on-1 setting with Brittany. She helped me address core issues that I was blind to or couldn't work through on my own. I even had my first 5k month as a spiritual entrepreneur as a result of this course. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is serious about making breakthroughs in money blocks and wanting to align themselves with abundance.