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Divine Soul Guidance

One month special.

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Bloom Within

4 month deep journey.

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Teachings and Certifications

Everything you need to get started on your journey of awakening.

Intuition Development

Gain the trust needed to move with your higher knowing that is always guiding you. This is an 8 module group journey with teachings, workbooks, and live support. Intuition Development II & III is a certification process that you can do 1:1 with a trained co-facilitator or with Brittany. This course is typically only twice a year so make sure you get on the waitlist *You must complete 7/8 classes in Intuition Development to apply for your certification training.

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Loving Your Truth

Loving Your Truth is for authenticity trailblazers who are ready to rise into the truth of who they are and shine the light that's awaiting within them more brightly than they ever have before. This program is pure channeled Source. No workbooks. No step by step hand holding- pure downloads for the empowered trailblazer to move forward in their path boldly. *This is not a course for individuals in the beginning on their empowerment and awakening path. 

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Empowered Empress

This 6 module self-taught journey will transform and shift your reality and confidence! Learn all things needed to truly empower yourself and shift your sense of worthiness. This is for: The woman who is ready to take action and up-level in all aspects of her reality. The woman who knows that she's done settling and people pleasing...because we just ain't got time for that anymore! If you know it's time to finally claim your power- this is for you!

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Abundance Code

Learning how the energy of money operates so you can tap into your divine and unlimited abundance and prosperity. Being able to feel comfortable and deserving of all our desires and dreams. Receive the tools you need to access your own prosperity codes within your being to live a life full of abundance, fulfillment and MONEY FREEDOM too! This is a self-taught course that you can come back to again and again! Also recommended to do an a 1:1 space *must request

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Individual Services

Single appointments for intimate space together.

Divine Soul Guidance Session

A one hour one-on-one session where we can create some clarity and guidance along your path. We will unpack what you have currently been moving through and alchemize the fear based thinking into love based ways of being. A dose of some alchemy and empowerment. Ideal if you're looking for support but not quite ready to commit to a mentorship container, this is the offering for you.

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Slow Drip Experience

The Slow Drip Experience is one of my most unique one-on-one sessions. We will dive deep in this session. Combining all the modalities of healing and guidance into one session you can expect intuitive messages, divine guidance and healing energy work. This is one of my most powerful sessions and is primarily recommended for those that already have some experience with energy healing and the spiritual path.

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Connect beyond this realm.

30-Minute 1:1 Psychic Reading

In a reading we will connect with Spirit directly, tapping in with your ancestors, guides, angels, and more, to receive message just for you. Connecting with the higher realms gives you insight beyond this earth plane so all can be seen from a great perspective. 

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Group Psychic Readings

Group readings are really intimate way to gather with family or friends to connect and tap into the beauty and infinite healing of Spirit. This offer is also commonly brought to families of those who are grieving a lost one. Bringing Spirit's work into your home, gathering or event opens up an expanded level of conversation and connection.

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Mini-Courses & Workshops

Divine Work in bite size chunks.

Self Love Mastery

A 3-day intensive on self-love and  mastering the art of connecting to who you are. Primary topics are self acceptance, compassion, care, and empowerment. Learn how to nurture yourself and navigate your own energy with ease and grace.

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Relax & Receive: The Art of Allowing Workshop

You will always receive regardless, as you are part of the collective consciousness, but the more you open and allow is the difference of getting rained on versus being drenched. 

Opening meditation, practical tools and tips on how to receive more, energy work to assist your receiving and much more.


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Knowing Yourself

Ultimately, it all comes back to you. If you find yourself feeling disconnected from life, relationships or harmony the answer is YOU! This mini-course is a step by step guide to get to know yourself on a deep level. Diving within in ways you haven't before. A journey to knowing yourself.

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Magnetize your Maximum Self

A simple, sweet and to the point step by step mini-course to up-level yourself into your next evolution of potential. Calling forward the next version of you with grace and ease, while also going after your maximum potential. Follow through this mini-course to step into your next evolution NOW!

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This transmission is extremely powerful and of very high resonance.

It's incredibly important for every individual on this planet to tap into their inner world and LOVE themselves deeply, this is where freedom is. This meditation is another portal and gateway to tap into that space of absolute pure love and freedom.

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