An exploration of your imagination

5 weeks of imagination expansion to assist you in activating and maximizing your creative energy.

Your imagination is the birthplace all of your manifestations. You're a manifesting machine whether you realize it or not. Your imagination is the treasure chest that you get to pick the pieces out of. It's the container that holds all of the things that you dream of, all the things that you want and desire. It's the vortex that you have to pull from in order to create that vision, that dream, and then bring it into reality.

The more vast your imagination is, the bigger that you can dream
The bigger your dreams, the more grand of a life you can manifest and LIVE!


But it isn't as simple as creating a poem and posting it to the group, in this vortex you'll get:

  • How to tap into your infinite creation space
  • Meditations & tools to expand your third eye
  • Prompts each week for creations
  • Weekly group meetings and feedback every Thursday @ 6 PM EST

What are you waiting for? We've got a lot to explore and limited space. Sign up now!

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